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Huli (Mysore Sambar)

This is a traditional Mysore sambar. It can be prepared with several combinations of vegetables. Popular ones included, beans, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, radishes, and onions. Look for the recipe for Huli Pudi under the spice mixes section on this website. Makes about 8 servings. Recipe Credit : Shanta Rao

Avarekalu Huli

This is a traditional kannadiga dish. It can be prepared with either spinach or eggplant. The bean used in this dish is called Avarekalu in Kannada. The freshest avarekalu is available during the winter months in India. It is also available, frozen, in indian stores as surti papdi lilva, which […]

Bendekai Kadale Kalu (Chana and Okra) Huli

This huli combines okra and dried kabuli chana with a traditional Kannadiga mixture of spices. This is a popular dish in Karnataka during the festival season. Makes about 8 servings. Recipe Credit : Shanta Rao Category : Dals and Hulis

Cucumber Huli

This is an interesting combination for a huli. It is a popular pick when we are running low on other vegetables. The trick is to make sure you don’t overcook the cucumber. Makes about 8 servings. Recipe Credit : Shanta Rao

Sandigae Huli

Sandigae huli is a very traditional Kannadiga dish. It used to be prepared during weddings, especially when the new groom visited the bride’s family. Looking back, this seems appropriate. This is a time consuming dish to make; makes sense to reserve for a special occasion!. This dish is composed of […]