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Adigae is the Kannada word for cooking. It is loosely used to describe the act of cooking but also the meal that is cooked. To me, it evokes childhood memories of home cooked food made with love and care. Food that is made with fresh ingredients, and freshly ground spices. Many of these recipes are passed down through the generations by mothers and mothers-in-law by word of mouth. As a result they are unique to each family.

Today my family has culinary traditions that are influenced by our travels, experiences, and what we grew up eating. My cooking evolved as I learned new techniques, sampled new dishes, and created my own new family favorites. It is a mix of traditional recipes my mother cooked, recipes I have learned over the years, and new ones that I create.

This blog is my attempt to create a collection of the recipes I make for my family. It reflects my cooking point of view. I don’t stick to a single type of cuisine at home, and hence you will find the same in this blog. This is just the food my family loves and enjoys. It leans strongly towards fresh produce and spices, wholesome ingredients, and food made from scratch with authentic techniques.

Enjoy these recipes! 


Hi, I am Sandhya!

A food and cooking enthusiast. I love global tastes, food made from scratch, and good bread.

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