Rice Dish


This is a rice dish that is traditionally prepared during Pongal or Sankranthi. It is similar to Pongal, but with a slight difference in preparation and taste.  

Vegetable Pulao

This pulao can be made with your favorite combination of vegetables. It is loaded with vegetables and a favorite comfort food in our kitchen.

Green Pulao

This is a delicious aromatic blend of onions, cilantro, and peas with a number of spices. The pulao has a pretty green color. Serve with a simple cucumber raita.

Lemon Rice

This is a simple and tasty rice dish that is popular in south india. This is a perfect way to use up leftover rice. The tartness of the lemon juice pairs well with the simple ‘Oggarnae’ or mustard seasoning. The roasted peanuts (or cashews) and fresh grated coconut add that […]