Our Story

Adigae means cooking in Kannada. But to us, it evokes childhood memories of home cooked food made with love and care. Food that is made with the freshest of ingredients, and freshly ground spices. Many of these recipes were passed down through the generations by mothers and mothers-in-law by word of mouth and, therefore, varied slightly in each family. I still remember my mother and her oldest sister arguing about recipes as a child, and wondering what all the fuss was about. Who cared how much pepper should be added, as long as lunch was served on time?

Here it is. A collection of authentic recipes from our family. We created this website in 2008 to allow my mother, Shanta Rao, to record these recipes for future generations. She was the ‘US grandma’ for our extended family and loved to get calls from family asking for her recipes. Shanta Rao passed away in Feb 2014. Writing these recipes was a labor of love for her… it offered a way for her to continue her passion for cooking even after she was no longer able to cook. She never ceased to be proud of her Adigae website. The last recipe she wrote was for Kobri Mithai (Coconut Burfi).

We would like to acknowledge both our moms who have contributed their recipes to this collection. It was not easy for them to write down precise amounts and detailed instructions. How much is a ‘handful’ anyway and how do you quantify “Andaz se dal dho!”?

Enjoy these recipes! 

Sandhya and Jaideep

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