Tag: Dals and Hulis

Huli (Mysore Sambar)

This is a traditional Mysore sambar. It can be prepared with several combinations of vegetables. Popular ones included, beans, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, radishes, and onions. Look for the recipe for Huli Pudi under the spice mixes section on this website.

Avarekalu Huli

This is a traditional kannadiga dish. It can be prepared with either spinach or eggplant. The bean used in this dish is called Avarekalu in Kannada. The freshest avarekalu is available during the winter months in India. It is also available, frozen, in indian stores as surti papdi lilva, which […]

Hurali Kattu

This dish is an authentic Kannadiga dish. It combines several types of beans which are then cooked until they are soft. The water the beans cook in is used as the base for the ‘kattu’ which is a thin gravy. The beans are then prepared as a side dish that […]

Cucumber Huli

This is an interesting combination for a huli. It is a popular pick when we are running low on other vegetables. The trick is to make sure you don’t overcook the cucumber.

Menasinna Neeru

This is a quick and tasty dish that has a kick to it from the black pepper and jeera. Remember to eat this piping hot, as a soup, or with rice.

Pepper Rasam

This really hits the spot as a hot soup on a cold day. It is also one of our favorite comfort foods when we are looking for a quick light rasam for rice, or fighting a cold.


This is a Tanjore Maharashtrian speciality. It can be prepared with any one of the vegetables listed, or a combination of all of them.